January 2nd, 2006

by the numbers

FORMAT: DATE, TIME, Avg Level, Minutes, Steps Per Minute, cals, distance, wt machine reps, wt., body wt.
See below stats for explanatory notes and daily workout notes...

12/24, 8p, ~L10-16, 30mn, ~40-65rpm, 450+c, 2.50+m, 220lbs
12/25, 9p, ~L13-14, 30mn, ~40-65rpm, 460+c, 2.6+m, 1rep10, 80lb, 220lbs
12/28, 9p, ~L12-14, 30mn+, ~45-65rpm, 480+c, 2.6+m, 2rep10, 80lb, 224lbs
12/29, 10p, ~L13-16, 30mn, ~45-65rpm, ~500c, ~2.7m, 2rep10, 80lb, 224lbs
12/30, 10p, ~L13-17, 30mn, ~45-65rpm, 528c, 2.83m, 222lbs

a few unrecorded moments... a few runs before a walk with Bert and Berry with a marathon in mind... few few miles down the landslide...

8/12, ..., L11, 15mn, ~50-65rpm, ~236c, ~1.23+m, 225lbs
8/13, 8am, L14(10),L10-16(20), 30mn, ~L45-68, 457c, 2.44m, 1rep10 80/100, 224lbs
8/14, 10am, L11-15, 479c, 2.66mi, 1rep10 100, 224lbs

missing a couple...

8/24........ 30mn, L15,L13, ~40-66rpm, 521c, 2.79mi, 222lbs
8/25........ 30mn, L13-15, ~45-66rpm, 516c, 2.76mi, 222lbs
8/27........ 30mn, L13-16, ~52-66rpm, 546c, 2.89m, 223lbs
9/3......... 30mn, ~L14, ~58rpm, 529c, 2.83m, 223lbs
9/5......... 30mn, ~L14, ~58rpm, 526c, 2.76m, 217lbs
9/6......... 30mn, ~L13, ~52rpm, ~462c, ~2.68m, 212lbs
9/7......... 30mn, ~L14, ~55rpm, 501c, 2.68m, 213lbs
9/9, 5pm. rb 13mn, 80rpm, 125c... td 13mn, 5mph, 175c
9/9, 5:30pm. 30mn, ~L11, ~48rpm, 430c, 2.30c, 213lbs
9/10, 3pm... 30mn, ~13 (4mn,L15), ~61rpm (3mn,75rpm), 526c, 2.81m, 216lbs

dang gym was too busy every day since I started the day shift

?........... 30mn, ~457c, 2.44m

9/16, 1pm... 30mn, ~L14, ~58rpm, 533c, 2.85m, 216lbs
9/16, 10pm.. 30mn, ~L14, ~58rpm, 535c, 2.86m, 214lbs
9/17, 4pm... 30mn, ~L14, ~59rpm, 542c, 2.89m, 213lbs
9/20, 5:30pm 3x10 80lb sitpreass, 3x10 110lb sitpulldown
9/20, 6pm... 30mn, ~L14, ~57rpm, 524c, 2.80m, 215lbs
9/21, 5pm... 30mn, ~L13, ~59rpm, 514c, 2.75m, 215lbs

General Notes: Interpreting each line approximately as follows EXAMPLE: 1/1, 9p ~L13, ~66rpm, 30mn, 541c, 2.90m, 3rep15, 100lb, 200lbs Date, Time, Approximately Level 13, Approx. 66 revolutions (steps) per minute, for 30 minutes, burned 541 calories, traveled 2.90 miles on the LifeFitness 9100 machine... then three reps of 15 sitting presses and pull downs with 100 lbs of weight... and body weight was 200lbs before starting the workout... ~ is used for approximate data when the machine shuts down and doesn't give final data or when there is a range because I changed levels or rpms...

all data is on the Lifecycle 9100 machine unless note:

<td width="50">rb
runw </td> <td width="20">=
= <td width="190">Recumbant Bike
run out on the trail
run with walk breaks</td> <td width="40"></td> <td width="40">rbr
...</td> <td width="20">=
= <td width="190">in Race Mode

more specifics can be found in the notes linked below... make sense?... if not and it matters to you (thanks if it does), just ask... click below for daily notes...