Mostly Dead (mostlydead) wrote,
Mostly Dead

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where does the time go?...

here, of course, if you follow
if you care to read what's going on
though sometimes it feels my heart is hollow
and sometimes it seems I may be gone

I am only semi-lost for appearances
deep inside you can find what's true
whatever, wherever, there is always caring
and I am blessed that some of you do
and hopeful you know I do too

and my heart still dreams in sleepwriting
through the doubts and the pain feeling impaled
and my mind drifts somewhere far away
there are still silent letters never mailed
and so much more
and more from before
still a fraction of all that was and can be
wishing you were here
yesterday seems to far away
where does the time go
mes amies

you know where to find me
and how to reach me
you know you are welcome
if you know me at all

so wait while I wallow
or come with a challenge
I love honest loving
most of all

drifting almost completely aimlessly
where does the time go
mon ami
mes amies
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